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Konglin Synthesis


Kong Lin is located in the north of Qufu City. It is the largest clan tomb group and artificial garden in China with the longest duration and the longest duration.3000Mu, ancient trees in the wall, deep woods, and it is said that the disciples of Confucius each planted trees in their hometowns in Confucius Forest, so there were many tree species.

Tomb of Confucius: The Confucius Palace is where the incense altar is placed during the sacrifice of Confucius. In front of the hall are stone beasts such as Weng Zhong, Wangzhu, Wenbao and Jiao Duan. After enjoying the temple, the central tomb is the Confucius cemetery. In front of the tomb, there is a monument to Huang Yangzheng\"Dacheng to the Holy Text Xuanwang Tomb\". East side for its son\"Surabaya\"Tomb of Kongli; former grandson\"The Holy Father of Yigushu\"Tomb of Confucius. It is said that this special tomb layout is called\"Carry son\". The Tomb of Confucius was leveled and excavated during the Cultural Revolution. The Confucius relics and bones inside it were burned after being horrified.\"Dacheng Most Holy Master Wenxuan Wang\"The monument was destroyed. The temple monument was destroyed and the clay statue of the Confucius Temple was destroyed.

There are three pavilions on the east side of the tomb of Confucius. They are where Song Zhenzong, Qing Shengzu and Qing Gaozong stayed when they came to this sacrifice.\"Station\"

Graveyard\"Feng Shui\"As a descendant of Confucius\"Lifeblood\". For example, Qing Guangxu thirty years(1904)When surveying the Jinpu Railway, the original plan was to pass Qufu, very close to the west wall of Konglin. At that time, Yan Shenggong Kong Ling was very anxious about this news, and delivered several petitions to the court, saying that the railway will\"Shocking Tomb\"\"Destruction of the veins\"To make the ancestors' souls restless. As a result, the railway made a big bend to Qufu and detoured to the southwest. If there is no such thing, people now take a train to Qufu, so they don't have to get off at Luzhou first, and then take a car instead.


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