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Design Engineer

Number of recruits: 5
Work location: Jining
Employing Department: Technical Department
Effective time: 90 days
  • 1. Formulation of product processing drawings and processes;
    2. Optimization and integration of processing processes;
    3. Research and development of new products and processes
    4. Provide technical support and training for equipment maintenance;
    5. Develop and purchase spare parts for equipment;
    6. Release and tracking of production process.
  • 1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical related majors;
    2. More than 3 years of non-standard design / fixture / mold design experience, outstanding ability;
    3. Can independently complete the drawing of machine parts drawings;
    4. Can independently complete the preparation of machining process;
    5. Ability to use AutoCAD software and Office software such as Office;
    6. Strong sense of responsibility and good communication skills;
    7. Those who can understand English materials are preferred. The company will provide employees with good personal development and training opportunities and perfect benefits. Interested parties please send Chinese and English resumes, ID cards, copies of academic credentials and expected salary to the company.

Electrical Engineer

Number of Recruitment: 2
Work location: Jining
Employing department: Intelligent Control Department
Effective time: 90 days
  • 1. Have independent electrical design, debugging and maintenance capabilities
    2. Have industrial automation expertise
    3. Familiar with related professional knowledge of electrical appliances, circuits, PLC, etc.
    4. Skilled in CAD drawing and design
  • 1. Electrical and other related professional knowledge, bachelor degree or above,
    2. Above 30 years old, with more than 3 years work experience
    3. Hard work, good character, dedicated work


Number of recruits: 3
Work location: Jining
Employing department: e-commerce department
Effective time: 120 days
  • 1. Responsible for the promotion and promotion of the company's products;
    2. Organize sales reports every month, do a good job of analysis, and organize customer information.
    3. Assist salesman to complete the business documentary matters.
    4. Complete other tasks arranged by superiors in time.
  • 1. College degree or above, related majors such as e-commerce, marketing are preferred;
    2. More than 2 years of relevant work experience, outstanding performance is preferred;
    3. Extroverted, agile, expressive, with strong communication and communication skills, affinity and ability to solve problems and analyze problems.

General Workers

Number of Recruitment: 6
Work location: Jining
Employment department: Production Department
Effective time: 120 days
  • 1. Ability to master related working procedures such as turning, milling, planing and grinding
    2. Have the professional knowledge and skills to master CNC punching machines
    3. Proficiency in the operation of welding technology
    4. Skills with assembly related work experience
  • 1. Mechanical related major graduate
    2. Work experience in machinery related industries
    3. Dedicated to work, hardworking and upright
    4. Down-to-earth, responsible and serious work


Number of recruits: 10
Work location: Jining
Employing department: Foreign Trade Division
Effective time: 90 days
Report to: Customer and Commercial Service Manager Department: Marketing Summary: You will work in a challenging and stimulated environment with close interaction with our sales engineers and customers.
Responsibilities: To work closely with the area sales team and support them to achieve sales objectives and improve the sales efficiency and customer satisfaction.
• Give direct customer support for all commercial matters such as order, delivery and product enquiries.
• Take part in improvement projects to increase our own efficiency
• To prepare and follow-up customer quotations to all our customers
• To confirm, verify, enter and follow up customer orders in our order systems
• Support distributors in the order process
• To do filing for all customers' contracts and other related documents
• To proactively follow up status of orders e.g. delivery status.
• Handle Returns from Customers
• Support sales team regarding Credit Control and Payment Follow-up
• Able to speak and write in good English
• Good knowledge of computers
• University Degree, advantage with technical and / or business major
• Service minded and customer focused
• Social skills, ability to work in team



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