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Origin of each county name

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In the city—Jeju ancient city · Canal capital

Named after \"location \": It was named after its original administrative scope in the center of Jining City.

Rencheng—An Old Country of Feng · Beach of the Canal · City of Ren

Named after \"Last Name \": In ancient times, the original Dongyi tribe, one of the ancestors of the Huaxia ethnic group, lived here. During the Xia Dynasty, Tai Hao (Fu Shi) descended from You Clan (also known as Ren Clan, Ren and Cong homophonic), and established the State here. During the Zhou Dynasty, the state was named Ren. During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, Ren Guo was under the jurisdiction of Lu, Song, and Qi. After Qin unified China, he was abolished and replaced with Rencheng County. This is the earliest origin of the title of\"Rencheng\".

Quzhou-Kyushu Ancient City Qilu throat

Named after \"字 \": The name of Chenzhou has a long history, and Kyushu is said in ancient administrative divisions in China. Luzhou is one of Kyushu. According to legend, the name\"沅 \" and \"兖 \" are the same homonym for Lushui, which originated from Wangwu Mountain in Jiyuan County, Henan Province. It is universal, and 信 means xinyi.\"Ciyuan\" has the characteristics of\"Jihejian Qi\", sincerity and faithfulness, so it says\"\" 兖\".

Qufu—The Holy City of the East · The Hometown of Confucius

It is named after\"\" 行\": It is said that it was the capital of Shaohao, one of the five emperors, the puppet state of the Yin and Shang dynasties, the capital of Lu Kingdom three thousand years ago, and today the city of Qufu was rebuilt by the Ming Dynasty. \"Qufu \" One began to appear in\"Book of Rites,\" Ying Shao of the Eastern Han Dynasty explained:\"\" Lu Chengsha has Fu, and the troupe is seven or eight miles long, hence the name Qufu.\"

Zoucheng-The birthplace of Zou Lu · The birthplace of Confucius and Mencius

Named after \"国 \": Zoucheng is an ancient land, Xia is in the domain of Xuzhou in Kyushu, Yin is a kingdom of the kingdom, in 1027 BC, the king of Zhou Wu was destroyed by the Shang Dynasty, and Cao Xia was established in the southern suburb of Jining Laos. After Qin Shihuang unified the six kingdoms, the county and county system was implemented, and the\"驺 县\" was established. In ancient Chinese literature, 邾 is more often used as Zou or 驺, and the ancient sounds of the two characters are the same.

Jiaxiang-China's Xiaocheng · Hometown of Zengzi · Hometown of Chinese Stone Carving

Named after\"\" Virtual\": Jiaxiang, according to the\" Zuo Zhuan\"records: Fourteen years (480 years ago), Nishikari Ono (now northeast of Juye), hunted a unicorn, which is the peace The beast is an auspicious sign, because the land was located in Jiaxiang County, so the name of the county was\"Jiaxiang\", and it is still in use today.

Weishan—Hometown of Hedu · Weizi, China

Named after \"人 \": Weishan County is named after Weishan Lake, Weishan Lake is named after Weishan, Weishan is named after Weizi, Weizi is named Qi, and it is the brother of Yin Ying Wang Xi, intact Yu Wei, therefore called him \"weizi \" (zi is the title), and there is a tomb on Weishan Island's main peak.

Liangshan—Hometown of Chinese Martial Arts · Hometown of Heroes of Water Margin

Named after \"山 \": Liangshan, its real name \"Liangshan \", and its later name \"liangshan \". There are three reasons for the change of name: One is that Liangshan belongs to the territory of Liang Kingdom, and the legend is that it was a royal hunting ground. Liang Xiao Wang Liu Wu once hunted here, so it was renamed\"\" 梁\"\". The second said that Liang Xiaowang Tianhun finally came to this place, and the heat stroke was buried in the sun of Liangshan, which was renamed\"Liangshan\". The third reason was to avoid the name of Liu Liang, the uncle of Emperor Wu of the Eastern Han Dynasty, so he changed \"良 \" to \"梁 \". The original name of Shouzhang County was Shouliang, but it was renamed because of avoiding Liu Liang.

Yutai—Home of Yumi · Xiaoxian's Hometown

Named after \"地 \": Yutai County was a place where the Taiyi tribe of Dongyi lived in ancient times. The name of Yutai began in the Tang Dynasty. Due to the existence of Luyin Gongguan in the north of the county, Yutai's reforms and Yutai have changed its affiliation. The county name is still in use today.

Jinxiang—Hometown of Chinese Integrity · Hometown of Chinese Garlic

Because of\"\" 传\"\": the name of Jinxiang County originated from the Western Han Dynasty, named after the mountain. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty named King Changyi for four years (97 AD), and died in eleven years. He was buried in Gaoping Mountain. He first cut a tomb in the north of the mountain and got white rabbits. Therefore, it was renamed Jinxiang Mountain. The county name has been in use since then. However, so far Jinxiang has no historical records of gold mining, so it is named after\"\" 传\".

Surabaya—Quanxiang, China · Shengyuan Surabaya

It is named after \"河 \": It is named after Sihe, which was called Surabaya in ancient times, and it is one of the nine waters of Yuzhi. Sihe originates from the foothills of the east of Quanlin Town, Sishui County, and is named after the four sources of condyle, bowl washing, ringing water, and redstone springs converging into a river.

Wenshang—the thousand-year-old Buddha capital—the ancient capital

Named after \"吉 \": Wenshang started as a special place name in Jintai and eight years, and is named after being located on the shore of Wenshui. The name of Wenshang said that Wenshang is downstream of Wenshui. Why is Wenshang named? Wenshang is named in two aspects. One is that Wenshang is located downstream of Wenshui. The next word is unlucky, and people do n’t even say it. Hence the name Wenshang.



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